CETAL Seminar   – Carbon materials for post Li-ion batteries: Na- and K-ions batteries – 22 August 2023

Dr. Camelia Ghimbeu, Institut des Sciences de Materiaux de Mulhouse (IS2M), France

CETAL Seminar   – Nanostructuring of materials for photonics with designer ultrafast laser pulses – 22 August 2023

Dr. Razvan Stoian, Laboratoire Hubert Curien, CNRS, Université Jean Monnet, 42000 St-Etienne, France

CETAL WorkshopOptical Fibers and Sensors – 4 July 2023


CETAL Seminar    – Near-surface hyperspectral remote sensing of northern trees and forests – 8 June 2023

Dr. Jon Atherton, Academy Research Fellow Forest Sciences, INAR, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

CETAL WorkshopLaser nanoprocessing for Biology Applications – 3 May 2023


CETAL WorkshopBiology for Space – 27 April 2023